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Welcome to the Aquarium Setup, Filtration, and Maintenance site.  The purpose and goal of the site is to provide visitors with everything they need to understand to set up and maintain the aquarium of their choice.

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If you are brand new to the hobby then we suggest you start with the article on the Aquarium Cycle.  If you are more advanced then you can use the menu to go to any article that might interest you.

Fish Tank Sizes

Aquarium Lighting

Other Aquarium Essentials

Fish Compatibility and Selection

Types of Freshwater Aquariums

Types of Saltwater Aquariums

Aquarium Plants

Reef Tanks / Coral Aquariums

Aquarium Invertebrates

Aquarium Microfauna

Aquarium Filters

Common Aquarium Problems

Aquarium Test Kits and Water Parameters

Although it takes a small army to maintain the large Atlanta, GA aquarium in the featured image the fundamental principles are very similar to home sized aquariums that can be maintained by one person.  This site will also focus on how to make maintenance as trouble free as possible so that as many people as possible are able to enjoy this hobby.

Aquariums can be thoroughly enjoyed on an endless number of levels and we will show you how to get into the hobby as little as $20.  This website is also intended to be your guide as you grow in your understanding and sophistication.  Aquarium systems are an amazing learning tool and you will learn about water quality and filtration, biology, living ecosystems, microbiology, chemistry and more!  This is in addition to having a wonderful and peaceful aquarium for you to visually enjoy!

Although sponsored by Aquaripure LLC, this site is not intended to promote any specific project or recommend any one method of aquarium maintenance and filtration over another.  It is to provide a broad overview of the options available and the way they can interact with an aquarium ecosystem and each other.  We will provide links and suggest products from several different websites.  These are just suggestions and there are countless products and avenues for you in the growth of your hobby but we hope you will find out suggestions useful and even invaluable as you explore this site and grow in the hobby.

It would be impossible to cover all aspects of the hobby on one modest website but hopefully this will be a comprehensive and useful resource for both beginner and advanced aquarists as they both begin and advance through the hobby as well as more experienced aquarists who wish to broaden their knowledge and possibly consider a different perspective on aquarium set up, filtration and maintenance.

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